Sustainability and Climate

Advancing sustainable climate solutions through strategic advisory and technology-enabled services.

We envision a planet where every living thing has an opportunity to thrive. At I4DI, we address global challenges by mitigating deforestation, enhancing agricultural supply chains, fostering equitable economic growth, and spearheading the transition to a circular and regenerative economy. By fostering cross-sectoral partnerships and utilizing technology solutions, we create shared value for all stakeholders. We collaborate with local actors, gathering their unique insights. We employ data, advanced analytics, and technology-enabled insights to refine our understanding that forms the bedrock of our strategies. Blending local wisdom with empirical knowledge, we formulate strategies that drive evidence-based, sustainable solutions benefiting communities, economies, and the ecosystems they depend upon.

We Partner

By being a thought partner to our clients, asking the right research questions, and engaging in open, honest, and proactive communication with all our stakeholders, we address sustainability and climate challenges.

We Solve

We model the business case for responsible and proactive management of important ESG impacts, risks, and opportunities, and harness technology to offer effective solutions, improve efficiency, and reduce costs for your business and improve the environment. We adopt a strategic and collaborative approach across our service offerings, grounded in science and data, to guide our actions and help maintain sustainability principles in the face of challenges.

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We Transform

Through successful partnerships with clients and key stakeholders, we help transform business models to improve profitability for key actors within the value chain, reduce supply chain volatility, provide sustainable growth, and secure improved sustainability for the long term.

Results. Evidence. Impact.

Join I4DI in our journey towards a planet where everything living thing has an opportunity to thrive. Engage with our team and discuss sustainable climate initiatives, our technology products and services, and our desire to collaborate on innovative projects. Connect with us and be a part of our global impact!

Sustainability & Climate Services

At the forefront of sustainability and climate solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of advisory services tailored to modern businesses. From integrating sustainable practices into corporate strategies to ensuring regulatory compliance, our expertise ensures businesses are both resilient and responsible in today’s global ecosystem.

Sustainability & Climate Advisory Services

Our sustainability and climate advisory services are tailored to help organizations stride towards a resilient future. We assist organizations in seamlessly integrating sustainability into their operations and strategies, from managing supply chain sustainability, fair trade practices, and ESG performance to transforming corporate strategy and complying with relevant policies and regulations. Our goal is to enable organizations to minimize risk, enhance performance, and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Sustainability & Climate Technology Enabled Products

Our technology-enabled knowledge products within this focus area are designed to empower sustainable and resilient futures. By employing interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and advanced monitoring technology, we transform complex climate, agricultural, and ESG data into compelling, easily understood visuals. Our offerings ensure real-time tracking and comprehensive analytics, driving informed decision-making and proactive climate resilience efforts. With our robust ESG performance tracking tool, we enable organizations to monitor their sustainability practices and performance over time.

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Sustainability & Climate Technology Systems Solutions

Our advanced solutions integrate real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and interactive dashboards to inform, guide, and optimize sustainability and climate efforts. These user-centric systems empower organizations to make evidence-based decisions while actively driving positive change.

Contact Our Experts

I4DI is continually seeking to build relationships and form lasting partnerships with like minded organizations, bold thinkers, and driven professionals who share our passion for a sustainable future. Authentic collaboration is a hallmark of our work.

Troy Wray

Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Azra Kacapor Nurkic, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Associate Director for Program Management

Our Services & Products

Discover the diversity of our solutions, tailored to ignite sustainable transformations, empower decision-making with intelligent, tech-enabled knowledge products, and drive progress through innovative technology systems. Explore our specialized services in Advisory, Knowledge Products, and Tech System Solutions to propel your organization towards a resilient and sustainable future.


We work across a wide range of sectors, pairing our deep business acumen with cutting-edge insights drawn from data science and technology, to ignite sustainable development transformations.

Enabled Products

We leverage technology to create dynamic knowledge products that help organizations streamline their decision-making processes. Our tailored software solutions enhance your capacity to analyze data, extract valuable insights, and catalyze value-driven transformations.

Systems Solutions

At our core, we hold the belief that technology is an essential catalyst in shaping a sustainable world. We merge cutting-edge technology with sustainable endeavors to drive meaningful change.

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