Azra Kacapor Nurkic is a Co-founder and CEO of I4DI. As a senior expert in program quality and impact, Dr. Nurkic provides leadership to I4DI associates and technical assistance to clients and partners in results-based management, design, monitoring, and evaluation of international development programs. With close to 25 years of international experience, Dr. Nurkic is a social development professional with intensive expertise in strategic program design, program effectiveness, and staff capacity development in a range of operational and regional contexts.

Prior to founding I4DI, she worked at American Council on Education as the Director of Program Quality and Impact of its Higher Education in Development program and The World Bank, as a Social Development Scientist where she led the development of monitoring and evaluation systems for projects in Europe and Central Asia. Her work history also includes more than a decade of experience in senior leadership and management roles in major internal NGOs, including World Learning and World Vision. Dr. Nurkic has worked and traveled in more than 100 countries and has a vast professional experience in working with government donors, private sector organizations, and NGOs. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Theory of Education and another in Primary Education, an M.S. in Primary Education, and a Ph.D. in Sociology of Education.

Palak Agarwal, is I4DI's Data Scientist, responsible for extracting and interpreting data to drive informed policymaking, strategic decision-making, and improved learning methodologies. At I4DI, she is a crucial part of the Data Science and Technology team, providing data-driven solutions to bolster our programs and
Troy Wray is Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of I4DI. As a senior expert in program design and implementation for impact, Mr. Wray provides support for I4DI leaders and associates to strategically position I4DI technology and methods in international development programming. Mr. Wray brings
Sarah Dawn Petrin is I4DI’s Conflict & Displacement Consultant. Ms. Petrin has over 20 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, leading teams in complex emergencies and advising governments, United Nations agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).