The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) is a think+do tank dedicated to advancing a data-driven,
systems approach to global sustainability. We do this by integrating strategic consulting, applied
research, capacity building, and technology innovation to catalyze positive social and environmental

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  • I4DI is a champion of the global call for increased data-driven decision-making for public policy
    and social and environmental programming.

  • We collaborate with government donors, multilateral institutions, development implementers, and
    other philanthropic organizations to increase the effectiveness of their efforts towards improving
    the well-being of the world’s most vulnerable and protecting the health of our planet.

  • I4DI is committed to supporting the bold action by the private sector to accelerate the global
    transition into a circular, shared, and regenerative economy.

  • We work with businesses and their partners to strategize and strengthen their corporate
    sustainability plans, to monitor the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria affecting
    their supply chains and overall financial health, and to facilitate cross-sectoral partnerships for
    shared risk, resources, and reward.

  • Our solutions help businesses to create and measure shared value for all stakeholders along their
    value chains.

  • From software platforms and mobile technologies, to machine learning and interactive data visualizations,
    we work with the clients to identify and implement digital solutions that support evidence-based
    decision making and global sustainability activities.

  • Technology is woven into the fabric of I4DI, so we also know that technologies can sometimes
    cause more problems than good. As such, we continuously study and examine the tricks and treats
    and inner workings of the latest tech advancements to tame the dragons and make digital solutions work.

  • I4DI supports organizations to develop a culture of learning that facilitates growth and increases
    organizational effectiveness.

  • We strengthen continuous improvement process, build robust knowledge management systems, and
    establish the enabling environment for productive change in dynamic contexts.

  • The concern for the future of our planet and the well-being of humanity drives the team at I4DI
    to constantly puzzle over complex problems, searching for cause and effect relationships, emergent
    patterns of response, and tools and models that help to explain complex adaptive systems.

  • We use advanced data analytics and conceptual modeling to map the dynamics of social, economic,
    and environmental ecosystems.

  • I4DI embraces the ambiguity of these constantly shifting puzzles to innovate unique solutions that
    are equally adaptive and can withstand the test of time.

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We Blend Advanced Data Science with Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning to Deliver Unique Value to Our Partners and Clients.

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