Sustainability & Climate Advisory Services

Sustainable Operations and Corporate Strategy Transformation

Leveraging AI and data analytics, our advisory services offer tailored solutions for seamlessly integrating sustainable operations into your corporate strategy. Our services include resilience and risk management consultancy, with a specific focus on climate adaptation strategies and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance within your company’s operations. By assessing your current operational strategy, we identify areas for strategic transformation, and help define sustainable and commercially viable courses of action. Our approach aims to enhance operational excellence and brand reputation while ensuring the resilience of your operations against ESG risks.

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Supply Chain Sustainability and Circular Economy Practices

We offer specialized strategies for greening supply chains and implementing circular economy principles. We provide advice on responsible sourcing, greenhouse gas reduction, waste management, resource optimization, and the enhancement of supply chain resilience.

Inclusive Economic Development and Fair Trade Practices

We provide holistic approaches to promote inclusive economic growth and equitable trade in your supply chains. We advise on the formulation and execution of fair remuneration policies, initiatives for enhancing livelihoods, and programs for local economic development, all of which contribute to fostering a more balanced and sustainable business ecosystem.

ESG Performance, Reporting, and Maturity Assessments

We provide comprehensive assistance to develop robust ESG management plans, compliance protocols, and reliable reporting mechanisms integrated with your enterprise resource planning system. Our ESG Maturity Model assessments align financial and nonfinancial performance, fostering trust and long-term value in your ESG practices.

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Green Finance, Investment Advisory, and Partnership Brokering

We provide responsible investment advisory to guide organizations in securing financing for their transition to a low-carbon economy. Our unique skill lies in brokering partnerships with international public agencies to blend finance and leverage resources, promoting high-return sustainability innovation.

Climate Mititgation & Sector-Specific Sustainable Transformation

Focusing on key sectors like energy, agriculture, and food systems, we offer tailored strategies for transitioning to renewable energy sources, implementing sustainable farming practices, and mitigating climate change impacts on food production.

Nature-Based Solutions and Upstream Climate Adaptation

We assist organizations in implementing nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation. We develop strategies for managing upstream climate risks, preserving ecosystems, and enhancing the resilience of communities dependent on natural resources.

Social Impact and Community Engagement

We offer services to enhance your social sustainability, including the creation of social impact strategies, stakeholder engagement programs, and community investment initiatives. We also provide training services to foster a culture of sustainability within your organization.

Regulatory Compliance and Policy Advisory

As regulations for sustainability practices vary globally, we ensure compliance with local, national, and international laws. We provide guidance on policy developments, regulatory compliance checks, and assistance in advocating for beneficial sustainability policies.

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