Zen-O Projects

A Project Management System for Systems Thinkers

Zen-O Projects is an online project management information system built by development professionals, for development professionals. Paired with monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL), human resource, and financial management capabilities, Zen-O can help your team better manage complex project portfolios for maximum global impact.

Zen-O Projects is an online project management information system

Results-Based Management

Orient all project activities towards delivering results with Zen-O’s robust MEL features. Build Theories of Change with KPIs, risks, and assumptions. Export Performance Indicator Reference Sheet (PIRS). Auto-generate reports aligned with project objectives.

Robust Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting & Visualization

Disaggregate data entry, analysis, and reporting by user-defined or globally-defined parameters. Export data to predefined MS Word report templates, MS Excel, and other systems for further analysis and manipulation. Monitor and track indicators through an interactive dashboard.

Zen-O: Project Information System Dashboard
Zen-O Project cards project management information system

Collaborative Workspace for Integrated Knowledge-Sharing 

Communicate with team members through comment threads on project tasks. Share insights and experience via wikis, forums, and files in the Zen-O knowledge space. Maintain an automatic archive of records stored within the project files to enhance the knowledge management processes.

Wiki for Projects

Have a shareable insight, project process, or reminder for your team? Wiki it! Build project memory with integrated, all-purpose Wikis. Categorize wiki pages by subject, tag, and author. Create shareable links for public collaborators, and input video and image content within the text.

Zen-O Projects is an online project management information system

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Task Managment

Zen-O lets your team work more collaboratively so you can get more done. Assign tasks and activities, allocate time, and know who is doing what. Choose your favorite ways of managing tasks-- develop GANTT charts, create tasks lists, or stay organized through various stages of progress by using agile task boards. 

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Third-Party Integrations

Zen-O has built-in integration with Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Office and can connect with other third-party software through our published REST API. Zen-O PMIS also offers companion apps that can be used to extend core functionality (Zeno-O Learn and Zen-O Consultants).

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File Management

Zen-O provides a central repository for storing and sharing files with project members, organization members, and members of the public. Zen-O’s file repository allows for user-defined, project-specific directory structures, and for easy organization, editing, and sharing of files.

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Project Time Tracking

Zen-O allows project managers and team members to track planned vs. actual time spent on assigned projects, tasks, and activities. Members can record, review and adjust their timesheets. Employee timesheets are automatically generated and exported as needed

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User Management

Zen-O lets you easily create and manage user accounts, notifications and settings, and user roles and permissions. Access to system functions, projects and files is controlled through role-based security settings.

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Survey Design

Zen-O Survey Designer allows for quick and easy questionnaire design, distribution, data collection, and results analysis. Surveys can be shared via a public link or sent to specific respondents via e-mail.

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