Impact Technology

Innovating technologies to generate evidence for improved decision-making

We use technology, scientific knowledge, and our ability to generate evidence to provide decision makers with the means and methods to make decisions that benefit the planet and society. We develop responsible technology to help our clients create lasting impact for their businesses, communities they serve, and the planet.

Our impact technology offerings allow us to help clients deliver more efficient public services like solid waste disposal; empower citizens through the use of mobile technology to use their voice to improve the responsiveness of their locally elected officials; enable policymakers to take more informed decisions to direct public expenditures towards priority goals; and promote feedback loops between citizens, their governments, and service providers to ensure that everyone is accountable for the decisions they make.

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We Innovate

Anchored in JVM-based technologies, including Java, JUnit, Spring Framework, Kotlin, and Scala, we explore innovative ways to harness technology for data gathering, communication, and storytelling. Using predictive analytics, real-time insights, data science, and our front-end expertise – encompassing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular 2+, and TypeScript – we facilitate informed decisions for sustainable growth. Embracing Virtual Reality (VR), we’ve introduced VR-based remote monitoring, enhancing data collection. Our innovation transcends the conventional, using advanced visualization to translate complex data into impactful narratives, inspiring positive societal and environmental changes.

We Empower

Fueled by our proficiency in open source technologies like Python and Django, and experience in developing native Android and iOS apps for mobile platforms, we prioritize closing feedback loops, promoting data literacy, and making technology accessible and easy-to-use. By placing sophisticated analytical capabilities in the hands of practitioners and decision-makers, we support informed, evidence-based decision-making processes. Centralizing data systems and integrations, we streamline information flows, ensuring transparency and accountability at all levels.

We Overcome

At our core, we are proactive problem solvers who confront technological and infrastructure challenges in the digital world head-on. Our expertise spans across diverse digital platforms and technologies, enabling us to enhance the functionality and user experience of various digital systems using user-friendly tools and software. We go beyond just websites, as we are committed to addressing accessibility barriers, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and implementing other improvements in the digital landscape. Overcoming obstacles such as data privacy concerns and building trust in technology is central to our mission to create an inclusive and accessible digital environment that acts as a catalyst for positive change.

Results. Evidence. Impact.

Join I4DI in our journey towards a planet where every living thing has an opportunity to thrive. Engage with our technology team to discuss how together we drive positive change for the planet and society. Collaborate with us on designing tech solutions that amplify citizens’ voices, guide informed policymaking, and foster transparency across business operations!

Impact Technology Services

In an era where technology shapes every facet of our lives, we stand at the vanguard, offering a spectrum of services and products that seamlessly merge innovation with impact. From advisory services that harness the power of data to knowledge products that simplify complex information, and tech system solutions that drive sustainable change, our offerings are designed to empower, inform, and transform.

Advisory and Managed Services in Impact Technology

Leveraging the transformative potential of technology, we provide innovative advisory and managed services, designed to foster innovation and enhance your decision-making capabilities. We specialize in harnessing technology to create bespoke solutions that enable efficient data analysis, generating meaningful insights, and driving value.

Our offerings merge the advantages of technology with subject matter expertise, developing practical solutions to process large, complex data sets. We harness a variety of data sources to augment business intelligence, validate learnings, and generate insights that drive economic development and commercial value. Our ‘Digital Storytelling Signature’ is a distinctive feature of our services. Using proprietary visualization technology, we enable you to understand data visually, fostering proactive decision-making.

Technology-Enabled Knowledge Products in Impact Technology

We leverage our technological proficiency to produce knowledge products that simplify complex data and make it accessible. Our focus is on designing tools that foster a deeper understanding of data, promoting informed decision-making. These products utilize advanced technologies, such as interactive data visualizations and AI-powered reporting systems, to turn data into actionable insights, thereby contributing to evidence-based practices and strategies.

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Impact Technology Tech System Solutions

Our tech system solutions encompass a wide range of services, each designed with a focus on integrating technology with sustainable efforts to foster positive change. Here’s a snapshot of some of the systems we’ve developed:

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I4DI is continually seeking to build relationships and form lasting partnerships with like minded organizations, bold thinkers, and driven professionals who share our passion for a sustainable future. Authentic collaboration is a hallmark of our work.

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Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Chief Data and Technology Officer

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Our Services & Products

Discover the diversity of our solutions, tailored to ignite sustainable transformations, empower decision-making with intelligent, tech-enabled knowledge products, and drive progress through innovative technology systems. Explore our specialized services in Advisory, Knowledge Products, and Tech System Solutions to propel your organization towards a resilient and sustainable future.


We work across a wide range of sectors, pairing our deep business acumen with cutting-edge insights drawn from data science and technology, to ignite sustainable development transformations.

Enabled Products

We leverage technology to create dynamic knowledge products that help organizations streamline their decision-making processes. Our tailored software solutions enhance your capacity to analyze data, extract valuable insights, and catalyze value-driven transformations.

Systems Solutions

At our core, we hold the belief that technology is an essential catalyst in shaping a sustainable world. We merge cutting-edge technology with sustainable endeavors to drive meaningful change.