Sustainability & Climate Technology Enabled Products

Our tech-enabled knowledge products are designed to leverage advanced technologies and innovative data analytics techniques, delivering precise and actionable insights for environmental sustainability and economic development. Our cutting-edge solutions seamlessly integrate with our range of advisory services, providing comprehensive tools to drive efficient, effective, and sustainable practices.

Interactive Dashboards

Our customizable dashboards provide real-time tracking and analytics for key sustainability metrics. These dashboards integrate seamlessly with our advisory services, providing clients with a powerful tool for monitoring their sustainability and ESG performance.

Climate Adaptation Data Visualizations

We create visually compelling and interactive data presentations that translate complex climate adaptation data into easily understandable visuals. Our tool provides clients implementing our climate adaptation strategies a dynamic and engaging way to understand and communicate their climate risks and resilience efforts.

data visualization by a standing guy in front of world map

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Monitoring Technology

We leverage drone technology and AI to deliver real-time monitoring of key agricultural factors such as carbon emissions, plant disease, and shade coverage. This technology is integral to our advisory services related to sustainable farming practices, providing clients with a way to track their progress and optimize their agricultural operations.

System Analysis by an employee for MEL platform

ESG Performance Tracking Tool

We offer a robust tool for tracking ESG performance, integrating seamlessly with our advisory service for ESG performance, reporting, and maturity assessments. This tool provides clients with an efficient way to monitor their ESG performance over time, aligning financial and non-financial results, and fostering trust and long-term value in their ESG practices.

Our tech-enabled knowledge products are designed to enhance and support our advisory services, delivering real-time, actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making and foster sustainable growth.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Analytics

We offer advanced data analytics for WASH initiatives, providing detailed insights into water usage, sanitation practices, and hygiene measures. This solution is a key complement to our advisory services in inclusive economic development and community engagement, providing clients with the data they need to develop and implement effective WASH initiatives.

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The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) is an international sustainability company that offers advisory services that leverage technology to improve how people and organizations make evidence-based decisions that benefit our planet and society. Passionate about the sustainable development of our world, our vision is a planet and society where every living thing has an opportunity to thrive. To bring this vision to life, our diverse team builds partnerships and develops innovative technology systems, services and products to tackle some of the world’s largest challenges. Our people embrace systems thinking and the continuous learning required to provide for the world in which we want to live.

Our Publications.

I4DI believes that transparency and open access to knowledge and insights from our learning  is a strength. No matter what the evidence reveals, we are committed to sharing insights from our engagements for the collective benefit of our industry.