Data Visualization

Our Value Proposition

I4DI specializes in transforming complicated datasets into clear interactive visualizations to answer learning questions in a way that speaks to both technical and non-technical audiences. Our visualizations help you to easily identify trends and patterns in your data, gain insights into programs or policy, and disseminate findings in a way that facilitates buy-in from diverse stakeholders. 

Live Dashboards.
Embedded Analytics.
Real-Time Insights.

Explore complex data-sets with interactive visual data analysis tools. Unveil additional insights and disaggregated views with user-friendly features and filters on a tailored interface.

Updated With or Without Us. No Coding Needed.

We build accessible data management portals that enable your team to keep your data visualizations up to date without needing to know how to code or to rely on us over time.

People. Always At The Center Of Our Process.

I4DI uses an efficient design thinking process  to build data visualizations that answer your learning questions in the way that works best for you and deliver a product that will actually be adopted by people

Data Visualization Features

User centered design

User-Centric Design

Our design process is focused on utilization. Before we start building your data visualizations, we take the time to understand your team's learning needs. By teasing out how your stakeholders would most effectively interact with data, we deliver actionable insights in the way which makes most sense for you.

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Story Telling Through Data

Whether you choose to pack your visualizations with interactive features or opt for a static infographic, we will tease out your most compelling data story through an engaging storyboarding process and provide you with a range of the most appropriate visualizations for your team to choose from.

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Clean Modern Look & Feel

Our team's unique strength is in its tight integration across functions and processes during the design stages. Our data scientists, web developers, and designers work closely together through rapid storyboarding, sketching and stakeholder input sessions to iterate a mature design that leads to a beautiful and clean end product.

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Form that Follows Function

When it comes to choosing tools for the job, we are technology agnostic and make the choice that is best suited for the visualization design chosen. Luckily, there are endless tools and library options out there. Whether you want us to integrate our solution with the technology you already use or make a choice based on our expert opinion - we are fully equipped to be responsive.

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