I4DI & Livelihoods Venture: A New Era in Impact Assessment & Operational Excellence

Livelihoods Venture (LV), committed to amplifying its impact through its Funds, projects, and investments, recognizes the transformative potential of strategic alignment. They have thus teamed up with I4DI to enhance LV’s impact pathways and revamp their MEL system.

I4DI has already commenced with an in-depth analysis of LV’s existing MEL systems. Through a series of workshops, we will collaboratively craft Theory of Changes (TOCs) for LV, melding our expertise with LV’s vision. This co-creative process will yield tailored impact narratives, refined performance indicators, a comprehensive MEL plan, and practical operational blueprints. Lastly, we will equip LV’s Project Managers with newfound tools and strategies in a final knowledge-sharing online session.

This collaboration promises to empower LV with an aligned, holistic, and actionable MEL system, perfectly attuned to its aspirational goals. The endeavor will further echo LV’s lasting commitment to fostering transformative change for people, planet, and the economy.

We are committed to sharing insights, progress, and best practices throughout this collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!  🌱