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USAIDs Global Heath Ebola Team- USAID- U.S. Global Development Lab- Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

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USAID Global Health Ebola Team (GHET) bought-in to the D-MERL mechanism to provide D-MERL services in support of 26 Ebola response activities in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, implemented by 13 different partners. I4DI provided analytical and design services which included: an assessment of GHET’s performance management systems; recommendations and strategies for low-cost/low-effort end-to-end improvements to their performance management systems, including technology recommendations and improvement of reporting to Congress; an assessment of the evaluability of GHET’s activities; support to the completion of a comprehensive results framework and learning agenda for the 3 year program; and design and implementation of the performance evaluation of GHET’s Ebola Survivor activities in each country.  

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