Support for the Implementation of the Decent Work Country Programme in Uzbekistan

This project is designed to mirror the framework of the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) aimed at “promoting decent work in Uzbekistan, with a focus on the prevention and reduction of child and forced labour, by building the knowledge, technical and institutional capacities of the constituents to monitor and promote decent working conditions, employment opportunities and a minimum social protection floor”. As such, the project is focused on three priorities: 1) Strengthening social partnerships to realize fundamental principles and rights at work; 2) Fostering decent employment opportunities; and 3) Improving working conditions and social protection. The project provides technical assistance in cotton growing sector to monitor child labor and forced labor in the cotton harvest. It also carries out studies on analytical work to produce materials and publications focused on ratification of the ILO conventions. Objectives of the project include capacity strengthening, promotion and institutional support for employment opportunities and improvement of working conditions and social protection through strengthening law and policy on working conditions and social protection in Uzbekistan. The project is overseen by the ILO office in Moscow, Russia with an implementation office in Tashkent and project sites in Jizzakh and Ferghana in Uzbekistan.