My-PEC: Myanmar Program on the Elimination of Child Labor in Myanmar

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ILO commenced implementation of My-PEC: Myanmar Program on the Elimination of Child Labor in December 2013 with a goal to reduce child labor in Burma through the establishment of a comprehensive, inclusive and efficient multi-stakeholder response system and establish reliable data and evidence to expand the knowledge base, track incidence and understand nature of child labor in Burma. The project efforts have been focused on capacity building for national and local stakeholders and increasing public awareness of and knowledge about child labor within Burma. Efforts included research studies, technical assistance on revisions of the legal and regulatory framework, strategy and networking of national and local governments, civil society, labor unions, employer organizations and other key actors. The project also supported establishment of the Child Labor Monitoring System and referral mechanism and education and livelihood services in 3 selected project areas with a goal to prevent 3,600 at-risk children from engaging in or entering child labor. The project is headquartered in Rangoon (Yangon), Myanmar (Burma).


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