Evaluation of USAID’s Oceans Plastics Portfolio of Programs within the Save Our Seas (SOS) Initiative

I4DI is conducting a multiple case study portfolio evaluation of USAID’s Oceans Plastics portfolio of programs within the Save our Seas Initiative (SOS Initiative). This Initiative was launched in 2022 and is designed to support the implementation of the Save Our Seas Act 2.0 of 2020 and to combat ocean plastic pollution globally. 

This formative performance evaluation will look at the implementation of programming within USAID’s Oceans Plastics Portfolio to date. Evidence will be used by the Green Cities Division of the Center for Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure (EEI), USAID Mission staff focusing on Oceans Plastics programming, and associated Implementing Partners (IPs), to influence key programming, policy, and resource decisions in the years to come.

The evaluation will apply a qualitative multi-method approach, including key informant interviews, focus group interviews, and observational field site visits. The team will visit six countries, with 3-5 cities in each country as units of analysis. The intended countries for data collection are Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and Vietnam.