Evaluating U.S. Department of Labor’s Research to Action and Evidence to Action Initiatives: Assessing Efforts Against Child and Forced Labor

I4DI is conducting final performance evaluations of the Research to Action (R2A) and Evidence to Action (E2A) programs for the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL). Both programs underscore USDOL’s commitment to applying rigorous research and evidence synthesis to address global labor challenges.

Research to Action (R2A) is dedicated to using in-depth research to combat child and forced labor worldwide. Its methods are a testament to USDOL’s proactive approach to these critical issues.

Evidence to Action (E2A), on the other hand, builds upon existing studies while prioritizing evaluation, communication, and capacity enhancement. It epitomizes the Department’s drive for evidence-led decision-making.

The evaluations aim to assess programs’ quality, boost accountability, guide strategic decisions, and articulate their significance to USDOL’s stakeholders. While R2A operates on a global spectrum, E2A zeroes in on regions like Argentina and Madagascar.