Celebrating 8 Years – Trivia, History and Things You Didn’t Know About I4DI

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Celebrating Eight Years of Thought + Action for Impact.


This week I4DI turns 8! Looking back, it’s hard to believe how fast the years have gone and how much we have accomplished. We were able to work with diverse and existing clients, deepen our engagement with the private sector, evolve our technology, tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time…and have fun in the process! We wanted to share with you a few of our highlights from the past years.



I4DI spearheads new Sri Lanka and Maldives MEL Platform


I4DI partners with ECODIT to implement USAID's new Monitor, Document, Evaluate, and Learn (MODEL) Activity.

September 2022

I4DI Joins USAID Green Cities Program

Green Cities

I4DI partners with Deloitte to implement the Green Cities initiative to help USAID partner countries develop more sustainable, equitable, healthy, and prosperous cities.

July 2022

I4DI and Mars Inc. launch ACTIVE Global Development Alliance


I4DI and Mars Inc. partner with USAID to form the Advancing Cocoa Agroforestry towards Income, Value, and Environmental Sustainability (ACTIVE) partnership to improve farmer livelihoods and enhance evidence-based agroforestry practices in the Indonesian cocoa sector.

April 2022

I4DI Launches Municipalities for Youth (M4Y) project in Kosovo

M4Y Logo

I4DI launches the World Bank-sponsored M4Y project to  improve cooperation and trust between youth and local governments by enabling local governments to address youth socioeconomic needs.

March 2022

I4DI Wins $2 Million METS Contract


I4DI wins the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Training Services (METS) contract to provide expertise and capacity building services to USAID’s Resilience and Food Security (RFS) Bureau.

October 2021

I4DI Team Comes Back Into The Office


After over a year working virtually due to the covid-19 pandemic, the I4DI team comes back into the office on a hybrid basis.

July, 2021

We Initiated Our First Engagement With USDA


I4DI initiates its first engagement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to conduct baseline, midline, and endline studies of USDA FFPr Trade Safe (Trasa)

April, 2021

I4DI Announces Its New Brand Identity


I4DI announces its new brand identity with an updated logo and website.

May, 2020

I4DI Wins Its First USAID Prime Contract


I4DI wins its first USAID prime contract - a three-year, $3 million award from USAID in Cambodia, South East Asia, to address growing issues stemming from inadequate waste disposal sites and practices including traditional trash burning. Later known as Tech for Green Cities.

September, 2019

Our First Engagement With The U.S. Department Of Labor


I4DI initiates its first engagement with the U.S. Department of Labor to conduct performance evaluations of technical assistance projects in Asia.

September, 2018

We Moved Into New Office


We moved into our beautiful new office on 8th & A street NE!

September, 2018

Formalized A Mentor-Protege Relationship


The U.S. Small Business Association approves I4DI’s first Mentor-Protégé application under the All Small Mentor-Protégé Program (ASMPP), formalizing our relationship with the QED Group.

July, 2018

I4DI Signed A First Contract With an International Finance Corporation


I4DI signed a first contract with an international financial institution (International FInance Corporation in Bosnia & Herzegovina), conducting an impact evaluation of its regulatory reform program.

April, 2018

I4DI Buys New Office


I4DI buys an office building on Capitol Hill and begins renovations.

April, 2018

I4DI's First Web-Based, Interactive Research Report Published


We published our first web-based, interactive research report with a client and public facing dashboard.

February, 2018

I4DI Implemented Its First Experiential Learning Program


I4DI ran its first Experiential Learning Program for field staff, hosting a team of field staff from World Vision Ghana in DC for two weeks.

Summer, 2017

First Cohort Of Interns Introduced


I4DI had its first cohort of interns from Georgetown University Hilltop Consultants group and Thunderbird School of Global Management @ Arizona State University.

Summer, 2017

I4DI Signed Its First Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order With USAID


I4DI signed its first Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order with USAID to conduct a study on the conditions that favor voluntary adoption of best management practices in the Amazon basin.

December, 2016

I4DI exceeded $1M in annual revenue for the first time.

December, 2016

First Proper Corporate Capability Statement Developed


We developed our first proper corporate capability statement.

October, 2016

I4DI Signed Its First Contract With The D.C. City Government


I4DI signed its first contract with the D.C. City Government (Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development) to provide oversight of its Great Streets retail small business grant program.

August, 2016

I4DI Established Its Internal Software Development Team


I4DI established an internal software development team, and started with the development of its own enterprise solution (ZEN-O) for integrated project management, monitoring, learning and evaluation

May, 2016

Signed Its First Non-U.S. Government Contract


I4DI signed a first non-U.S. Government related public sector contract with the Norwegian Government, working in higher education.

April, 2016

First Listening Study Carried Out


I4DI carried out its first listening study and held its first official strategy planning session with its team, external advisors, client representatives and partners. These sessions became an annual event.

December, 2015

Employed Its First Official Full-Time Employee


I4DI hired its first official full-time employee (outside of co-founders)

November, 2015

Initiated Implementation Of Its First United States Government Funded Program


I4DI began implementing its first United States Government funded program - The USAID’s BalanceD-MERL engagement where I4DI carried a technical lead role.

October, 2015

Signed A First Contract With A Private Sector Company


I4DI signed a first contract with a private sector company working in sustainability of supply chains (Mars Chocolate, Indonesia).

July, 2015

Submitted Our First Proposal To The Global Campaign On Education


We submitted our first proposal to the Global Campaign on Education to evaluate its Civil Society Education Fund, which we won! Winning proposals has not been as easy ever since.

February, 2015

We Published Our First Website


I4DI’s first website was created and published, right ahead of its first formal proposal submission.

January, 2015

I4DI Brand Was Created

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 11.54.06 AM

I4DI brand was created - the three chevrons (yellow, light green to hunter green color), along with the branding guide.

November, 2014

We Got Our First Contract


I4DI received its first contract from a non-governmental sector organization - World Vision International for integrated competence development work.

October, 2014

I4DI Was Founded

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 3.41.23 PM

The founding idea was to work with  a select group of clients, doing work that “blows” our hair back and makes a difference in the industry. I4DI had three initial service lines: Program effectiveness, organizational effectiveness and social & environmental impact.

September 17, 2014