Evaluation of the USDA FFPr Trade Safe (Trasa) – USDA

I4DI conducted baseline, midline, and endline studies, and provided IESC and USDA the performance monitoring data required to annually track actual results against planned targets, validate and revisit assumptions that were made in the project design. I4DI also monitored the assumptions during the project implementation, and identify potential threats to project success. The project included but was not limited to: (1) Improving the efficiency, coordination, and transparency of the trade, commercialization, and safety of food and agricultural products, by supporting the implementation of science and risk-based sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures, standards, and regulations. I4DI’s deep experience with agricultural market systems and value chains supported USDA and IESC to expand the Dominican Republic’s local, regional and international trade in agricultural products, increase agricultural productivity, and improve consumer access to safe foods.