Final Evaluation of the USDA FFPr Exporting Quality (EQ) Project – USDA

I4DI is conducting a final evaluation of the USDA FFPR Exporta Calidad/Exporting Quality Project in the DR, implemented by IESC, that has worked since 2015 to improve agricultural productivity and trade in avocados, pineapple, cocoa, Asian vegetables, and greenhouse vegetable value chains. Through targeted capacity building on product quality and production efficiency, IESC aims to increase the value of post-harvest products, thus enhancing marketing and market linkages for farmers, packing houses, exporters, and other players in the agricultural value chain.

I4DI will employ a mixed-methods approach to analyze the EQ Project’s effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, sustainability, and the impact that will help inform USDA’s design of future interventions.  I4DI’s deep experience with agricultural market systems and value chains will better serve USDA and IESC with data that presents the extent to which the EQ project and its interventions have been able to 1) expand the Dominican Republic’s local, regional and international trade in agricultural products, 2) increase agricultural productivity, and 3) improve consumer access to safe foods.