Mint Farmer in India

Empowering Smallholder Farmers in India – Shubh Samriddhi Project in India

Collaboration Partners: I4DI, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Farmer Income Lab

Shubh Samriddhi Implementation Partners: Tanager, IDH, Mars Inc.

Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Focus: Enhancing the livelihoods of impoverished smallholder households to achieve a livable income through transformative agricultural practices and inclusive supply chains.


Project Background

The Shubh Samriddhi project represents a strategic collaboration aimed at uplifting smallholder farmers in Uttar Pradesh, India. By focusing on the mint value chain, pivotal to the region’s agricultural community, this project seeks to make significant strides towards economic viability and equity for smallholder farmers.

Smallholder farmers in Uttar Pradesh face significant barriers to accessing wider markets, often resulting in unsatisfactory returns from their agricultural endeavors. The Farmer Income Lab Lighthouse Program addresses these challenges by emphasizing private sector engagement, educational advancements, and the implementation of robust evaluation strategies. A central goal is to foster collaboration and utilize technology to transform the agri-food sector.

Goals and Objectives

The project is designed to create a comprehensive monitoring, learning, and evaluation (MLE) framework, leveraging insights from previous initiatives to drive systemic change in the supply chain. An Inclusive Value Chains Toolkit will be developed to aid companies in adopting inclusive procurement strategies, ensuring inclusivity is embedded throughout the business process. Integration of the toolkit into governmental digital platforms is anticipated to broaden its impact and accessibility.

Methodology and Approach

I4DI will leverage its MLE expertise to guide the project through adaptive management, emphasize gender equality, and ensure regular reassessment of strategies. Annual learning events are planned to foster a collaborative environment among stakeholders, maintaining the project’s adaptability and refinement.

As the Shubh Samriddhi project progresses, it aims to serve as a conduit for extensive learning and knowledge dissemination. Insights and best practices will be shared across the agricultural industry, influencing procurement practices and further integrating smallholder farmers into sustainable and inclusive supply chains. The ultimate vision is a more equitable future for small-scale farming communities, with enhanced livelihoods and greater access to markets.