Effective assessment and monitoring of EBRD policy dialogue and reform engagements

The Institute for Development Impact is engaged by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to improve the Bank’s practices for assessing, monitoring, and evaluating the results and impact of policy dialogues and reform engagements. Namely, EBRD provides Technical Cooperation (TC) activities to government entities, sectoral standard-setting bodies, and associations thus supporting the policy and business environment of the country and attracting private sector investments.

Over the next three months, I4DI will identify areas for improvement in EBRD’s current approach and provide recommendations and tools to implement monitoring and evaluation best practices. We will do so by developing Theories of Change and mapping existing monitoring for the main families and types of EBRD’s policy and reform engagements, with a focus on economic competitivenessgovernanceresilience and integration.

This will help the Bank achieve greater alignment of its policy interventions with its investment work and better capture the impact it can potentially achieve from its policy and reform engagements.

Transition Quality ToC operationalization process