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Conducting Rapid Appraisals of Rice Supply Chains in Asia – Mars Food

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I4DI will generate evidence to help Mars understand the conditions, constraints, and opportunities for improving incomes at rice origin locations and to produce insights that will inform the design of new sustainable sourcing models in Cambodia, India, Pakistan and Thailand.

In these four countries, I4DI is conducting rapid appraisals that include; a targeted analysis of crop income, household income, and supply chain systems and a review of stakeholder perspectives to center constituent voice. Most importantly, the rapid appraisals will enable I4DI to calculate the Living Income Gap, or the gap between the actual income of farmers and the Living Income Benchmark, the average cost of a decent standard of living in a particular country. By understanding the extent of this gap, Mars Inc. will be better able to develop responsive and contextualized programs to reduce the smallholder income deficit, ultimately improving farmer and supply chain resiliency. In line with this, I4DI has kicked off data collection activities in Cambodia.


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