Charting a New Path in Advocacy with World Vision

World Vision (WV), a global leader in advocating for the rights and wellbeing of children, understands the imperative of robust Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) mechanisms to bolster its advocacy campaigns. Recognizing this need, WV has entrusted I4DI to bring our expertise to the forefront, enhancing the MEL systems of their pioneering “Enough Campaign.”

Our collaboration has been meticulously designed, drawing inspiration from the campaign’s purpose. Key objectives include establishing baseline data values, ensuring data reliability, and providing a solid foundation for activity learning questions. Our deep dive into the campaign seeks to unravel its tangible impacts, both in terms of policy and programming.

Guided by the campaign’s learning agenda, I4DI will embark on a journey to answer pivotal questions related to advocacy, programming, and fundraising. From understanding how the Enough Campaign has influenced policy changes at global and country levels, to analyzing its role in scaling up nutrition programs, our analysis promises comprehensive insights. With a focus on World Vision’s Field Offices, our segmentation framework will spotlight the interplay of programming and policy, crafting a vivid narrative of their evolution.

To ensure a seamless flow of insights and data, our strategy incorporates a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches, such as thematic analysis and the Most Significant Change (MSC) competition. This blend promises not only a rich tapestry of data but also stories of change, adaptation, and growth.

The heart of our approach lies in our analytical framework, anchored on a robust set of indicators that encompass reach, beneficiaries, operations, and stakeholder engagement. Coupled with systematic data collection and methodical analysis, we aim to provide World Vision with a holistic view of the Enough Campaign’s impacts, challenges, and successes.

At I4DI, we are deeply committed to ensuring that our collaboration with World Vision translates into actionable insights, fostering transformative change for children globally. Our shared journey with the Enough Campaign promises to be one of discovery, learning, and impact.

We are excited about this partnership and eagerly look forward to sharing insights, progress, and best practices. Stay connected with us for more updates on this transformative project!