Announcing New Partnership with Livelihoods Funds for Family Farming (L3F): Cocoa Project in Ghana

The Institute for Development Impact is pleased to announce a new project with Livelihoods Funds for Family Farming (L3F) as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Partner of L3F to test financially viable and sustainable models for independent cocoa smallholders in Ghana and demonstrate that such a model for cocoa smallholders is possible.

L3F was mandated by Mars, Inc. to implement and test the effectiveness of bundles of interventions designed to support cocoa smallholders in Ghana. The objective is to build productive and profitable family farming enterprises that secure a decent standard of living and make cocoa farming attractive to the next generation of farmers through the testing of different development models and approaches.

To understand what works in determining these financially viable and sustainable models for cocoa smallholder farmers in Ghana, I4DI will develop a sound Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) system that will ensure implementation fidelity and an ongoing rapid learning and adaptive management approach. Toward this effort, I4DI will support the implementation across its lifecycle to do the following:

  • Design a right-sized and optimized MEL system that provides the right data at the right time to implementation partners, illustrating a coherent picture of project performance and providing predictive insights on trends towards long-term results and impact.
  • Support ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure consistency and reliability of field-level monitoring protocols and standards of data quality.
  • Align L3F’s work with Mars’ NextGen sourcing strategy – as part of a broader MEL capability strengthening agenda woven into a test and learn research methodology, refine existing learning questions and connect to the FIL Common Core indicators and data collection efforts, to ensure implementation fidelity.
  • Support ongoing learning and adaptive management, by developing agribusiness relevant insights and facilitating evidence-based decision-making processes across implementation lifecycle.

I4DI’s engagement with Livelihoods Funds for Family Farming (L3F) builds upon our growing portfolio of corporate sustainability projects.

We are committed to supporting the bold action by the private sector to accelerate the global transition into a circular, shared, and regenerative economy. We work with businesses and their partners to strategize and strengthen their corporate sustainability plans, to monitor the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria affecting their supply chains and overall financial health, and to facilitate cross-sectoral partnerships for shared risk, resources, and reward. Our solutions help businesses to create and measure shared value for all stakeholders along their value chains.