Announcing New Contract with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD): Theory of Change Articulation for EBRD Transition Qualities

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The Institute for Development Impact is pleased to announce a new project with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to provide strategic support in the development and refinement of Theories of Change for what the EBRD calls Transition Qualities (TQs).

The overarching goal of the EBRD is to support countries’ progress to a sustainable market economy, which the bank asserts is defined by six, inter-related qualities—Competitive, Inclusive, Green, Well-Governed, Integrated, and Resilient. I4DI is currently facilitating an iterative process to further articulate the relationship from project-level inputs to long-term, market-level outcomes for each of these TQs, along with the underlying assumptions that exist along their impact pathways. I4DI anticipates that with a more robust Theory of Change for these transition qualities, the EBRD will be better-positioned the assess the specific contribution of their activities to support systemic change and “close the transition gap” in cooperating countries.

I4DI is also providing introductory training on fundamental concepts of Theory of Change approaches to EBRD staff, testing the applicability of TQ-level TOCs for individual projects, and offering suggestions for improving the automated system used to assess and monitor the transition impact of EBRD investment projects. Through this engagement, the Institute for Development Impact looks forward to continuing our work with institutions who are accelerating private-sector led change in complex systems.