Announcing New Contract with Palladium International LLC: COVID-19 Dashboard for the Western Balkans

Announcing New Contract with Palladium International LLC: COVID-19 Dashboard for the Western Balkans

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The Institute for Development Impact is pleased to announce a new contract with Palladium International LLC to design, create and manage a COVID-19 Dashboard for the Western Balkans which will gather, integrate, and track data from readily available sources on the impact (and anticipated impact) of the pandemic on the health, real economy, financial markets and Government policy.

The development of this Dashboard is a component of the Engines of Growth (EoG) activity, which falls under USAID’s CATALYZE, a global project designed to facilitate partnerships and craft solutions to mobilize $2 billion in blended private sector and other financing to USAID partner countries. In the Western Balkans, the EoG activity will help mobilize capital to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order to sustain viable SMEs and jobs in the wake of COVID-19 and to ensure growth financing to SMEs in the long term. The primary audience for I4DI’s COVID-19 Dashboard will be USAID Washington, and may perhaps become a resource for other donors, Governments, and Central Banks, etc. after initial rollout.

This project reflects I4DI’s strategic positioning at the intersect between monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) and technology innovation. Our team intends to draw on our extensive dashboarding experience, including our own internal COVID-19 dashboards, to aggregate data in an accessible manner to ultimately inform policies and programs that support the economies and the viability of SMEs of the Western Balkans in the coming years. In addition, I4DI’s institutional relationships in the region will keep us grounded in the work and ultimately invested in its utility and relevance. Our team is looking forward to a successful and collaborative engagement. 


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