Technology-Enabled Solutions

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I4DI understands that technology is a critical force that must be effectively leveraged for development, not just as an end-solution, but as an integrated component to any development effort. To maintain our position on the forefront of development innovation, I4DI has invested significant resources to master the language, culture, and principles of the tech industry. In constantly looking for ways to do things smarter, better, and more efficiently, we recognize that aligning ourselves with the latest advancements in technology is in our own strategic interest, and in the strategic interest of our clients. Through experimentation with building an in-house software solution to manage our own project portfolio, we have intentionally carved out a place for ourselves as a bridge between technologists and development experts. I4DI is deliberate in cutting across industries to synthesize best practices and achieve maximum impact.

We have a dedicated team of agile software developers and designers who collaborate with our subject matter experts on a daily basis to create user-centric, contextually relevant solutions to address not only our process challenges but current development priorities. I4DI has the first-hand experience in building civic-tech applications for improved local governance, utilizing mobile technologies for rapid data collection, automating data analysis for real-time analytic insights, and designing interactive data visualizations that tell the stories behind the numbers. We apply design-thinking principles in all that we do and celebrate iterative approaches to development. In our work with clients and partners, we consistently introduce the latest tools and techniques to show what is possible, rather than just what has been done before.

True to our position as an institute, I4DI also keeps the pulse on how information and communication technologies are shaping the future of development. From the expansion of cryptocurrency to big data, to AI and machine learning, I4DI is always in a state of exploratory action, seeking new ways to capitalize on innovation to better position ourselves and our clients to make a greater impact. With this entrepreneurial spirit, I4DI intends to unlock opportunities, gain efficiencies, and prepare ourselves for the radical changes that the future holds. With foresight and a deep understanding of the existing tech landscape, we work with clients around the world to discover how technology can bring them closer to their desired results. To learn more about our tech capabilities and how we see the growth of ICT4D, please contact our team.