Authentic Collaboration

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Foundational to the Institute for Development Impact is the principle of collaboration through authentic partnership. I4DI can only be as strong as our team and those in our sphere. To that end, we actively invest in relationships built on mutual trust and goodwill to grow the collective capacity of our community. Over the years, I4DI has maintained a strong alliance of committed development practitioners who continuously infuse our organization with their energy and expertise. Envisioned from the beginning as a fluid space with open doors, I4DI regularly welcomes those we know well and those new to I4DI who are interested in challenging our ideas, sharing fresh perspectives, and in turn, learning with our team. We are a curious bunch, and we don’t shy away from lively debate or difficult topics. With open hearts and open minds, I4DI is working hard to innovate practical solutions to the most pressing development issues.

We carry this ethos into our work with clients and affiliate organizations. With I4DI, you will have a true thought partner, one who is willing to sit down on the same side of the table to analyze, conceptualize, and develop strategies that will bring you closer to achieving your development goals. We are unafraid to tell our counterparts what we believe is needed, even at times when it might be difficult to hear. At the same time, we recognize that I4DI does not have all the answers. We are constantly learning directly from our clients and partnerships in a cycle of mutual benefit and gain. Through this unapologetic authenticity, we hope to break through to what really matters—the unbiased results of development efforts.

In this spirit of learning, I4DI is sector agnostic. We collaborate with the private sector, governments, financial institutions, and civil society to address their measurement needs. With each engagement, we look to build healthy and long-term partnerships through open communication. Our expert team of project managers is the bedrock of this structured collaboration. Coupled with the broad experience of our researchers, performance management specialists, and consultant base of over 900 development experts, I4DI provides the right balance of technical know-how and accessibility to facilitate meaningful and productive dialogue throughout our working relationships. If you are interested in learning more about how we view partnering, please contact our team.