Rigor and Excellence

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I4DI is a global group of passionate professionals, dedicated to improving the world in which we live and better the lives of those who inhabit it. We come from countries around the world, with a broad range of skills and expertise, to collaborate together at the Institute for Development Impact.

I4DI is not interested in building castles in the sky. We are development experts and practitioners with decades of real-world experience in some of the most difficult development contexts in the world. We are critical thinkers who intend to bring the weight of this experience to inform our recommendations to our clients. We are here to do honest work and contribute to making real change. As such, while I4DI is saturated with light-hearted optimism, we work with a stoic intensity in order to deliver services and products that will exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

To that end, I4DI upholds the highest standards of methodological rigor in our research and analytical services. We are well-versed in the spectrum of evaluation methods, including those that distill causality and we are known for our expertise in both qualitative and quantitative analysis. We are leaders in the innovation of MERL design, the development of integrated measurement systems for results-based management, outcome evaluations of multi-pronged, regional initiatives, and organizational capacity building to support continuous learning efforts. Our clientele has ranged from companies clients like Gap and Mars Inc. looking to make their supply chains more sustainable and build shared value across their stakeholders, to the United Nations system and USAID wanting to measure the impact of their global investments and increase transparency and accountability.

The gravitas of our mission is not lost on us. Tackling intractable problems that affect the world’s most vulnerable calls for sharp thinking and humble action that is backed by reliable data. It is our intention to ensure we maintain this eye for quality throughout the entire duration of our engagements. I4DI strives for consistent excellence, and we fully expect our clients and partners to hold us to account. We want to know how and when we can do better. For when we do better, those we serve to do better. I4DI is always looking to expand our client base and work with a wider swath of development actors. If you are interested in learning more about our M&E expertise, please contact our team.