Empowering Sustainable Ecosystems with Theories of Change and MEL Systems for Lasting Impact

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Setting a New Standard in Impact Pathways & MEL Systems

In a strategic alliance that marries expertise with vision, I4DI is elated to announce its collaboration with Livelihoods Venture (LV). This partnership is designed to reshape LV’s impact pathways, offering a renewed approach to Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL).

Livelihoods Venture, celebrated for its commitment to enriching its Funds, projects, and investments, has recognized the transformative potential of aligning strategies. This collaboration epitomizes that commitment, aiming to recalibrate LV’s MEL system, ensuring it’s tailored, responsive, and impactful.


The Roadmap Ahead:

Our journey commences with a rigorous analysis of LV’s existing MEL systems. Building on this foundation, a series of workshops are planned, where I4DI’s seasoned experts will work hand-in-hand with LV’s team. Our shared goal: to craft Theory of Changes (TOCs) that perfectly resonate with LV’s vision.

This co-creative endeavor promises more than just insights. It’s about crafting bespoke impact narratives, refining performance indicators, and laying down a comprehensive MEL blueprint. The collaboration’s crescendo will be a knowledge-sharing online session, arming LV’s Project Managers with the latest tools and strategies, ensuring they are equipped for success.


Why This Collaboration Matters:

For Livelihoods Venture, this isn’t just about enhancing systems – it’s about manifesting their commitment to fostering transformative change across three pillars: people, planet, and the economy. With I4DI’s expertise, LV is poised to achieve a MEL system that’s not only holistic and actionable but also perfectly attuned to its aspirational goals.