Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) Integrated Competence Development – World Vision International

I4DI engaged World Vision in over 35 countries (East, West and South Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Asia) between 2010-2014 in an initiative to develop performance management and evaluation competence in staff with programming responsibilities. The project included but was not limited to 1) Establishing organization-wide competence frameworks, tailored to the needs of each national program while maintaining alignment to World Vision’s global program management guidelines, 2) Online, country-specific MERL competence assessment of practitioners, manager, leaders and MERL experts, resulting in a comprehensive competence gap analysis 3) Development of competence development strategies based on assessment results, and 4) Sets of training tools, a training database of locally available options, and delivery of technology-enabled training by I4DI.  This training included data collection protocols, data management and statistical analytics using “R”, research design, theory of change, performance management systems design & development. The activities implemented resulted in improved program performance management and evaluation and have increased overall program and organizational effectiveness.