LGBTQ+ Community Business Study

LGBTQ+ Community Business Study

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I4DI is funded by the D.C. Mayor’s Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Affairs to perform a study evaluating the economic and cultural status of LGBTQ-owned businesses in the District. Our work advances the Mayor’s Office’s vision to create young LGBTQ+ community leaders, barrier-free access to opportunities for LGBTQ business owners, and an empowered LGBTQ community across the District. 

The study will answer important questions about how LGBTQ businesses help District residents attain individual well-being, develop a shared culture, and organize for political changes that help promote gender and sexual equity for all. The study team will survey a number of businesses and hold focus group discussions over the next few months.  These surveys will involve I4DI developing written protocols for evaluating the health of LGBTQ businesses across D.C. and preparing recommendations for the support and improvement of these businesses in a final report. I4DI looks forward to working with the D.C. Government to enhance inclusion, access, and equity across the eight wards of the district. 

The Institute for Development Impact – I4DI is a research, design, and management consulting firm focused on the optimized use of evidence to drive strategic decisions for improved global sustainability. We work with public, private and civil society sector actors to generate evidence and facilitate partnering for action to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. As a technology-forward company, I4DI is recognized for utilizing its innovative technologies to stimulate civic engagement to improve public service delivery. 

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