Green Cities Mechanism

Green Cities Program: A Field Support Mechanism to Advance Integrated Urban Programming

About the Green Cities Program

The Institute for Development Impact is implementing a five year Green Cities program, which is designed to help USAID partner countries develop more sustainable, equitable, healthy, and prosperous cities. Structured as a global field support mechanism, the Green Cities will help USAID Missions achieve Climate Strategy targets as well as governance, health, inclusive development, and other development objectives.

Our consortium, led by Deloitte, brings complementary capabilities, experience working together, and a track record of successfully delivering similar projects to Green Cities. Collectively, we bring to USAID Missions around the world specialized, best-in-class expertise to catalyze action for five critical urban transformations:

Advance Net-zero Systems

Rapid urbanization is one of the defining challenges and opportunities of this century, affecting multiple global crises including climate change, biodiversity loss, mass migration, pandemics, and corruption. 

Increase Urban Resilience

Cities are responsible for over 70% of carbon dioxide emissions, and increasingly are encroaching on biodiversity hotspots and vital ecosystems that provide essential services like food and water to urban residents. 

Reduce Pollution and Waste

This new mechanism will support USAID Missions to pursue programming in cities, peri-urban areas, and across urban-rural systems, including international, regional, national, and municipal levels, to strengthen the ability of communities and subnational governments to take action. Our approach is centered on strengthening local systems and communities with an emphasis on integration across sectors and development issues to improve local and planetary well-being. 

Local Governance & Equitable Access

Green Cities has a $95 million ceiling that was designed to absorb multiple funding streams, and includes a grant facility (up to $18 million) to promote locally-led development. Any Mission or Operating Unit interested in buying into Green Cities can reach out to the contact persons below. 

Mainstream Inclusive Green Jobs

Cities also generate 80% of global GDP, but these economic gains are rarely felt by the more than 1 billion people who live in informal urban settlements and often lack access to basic services.

Green Cities Consortium

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