Designing, Creating, and Managing COVID-19 Dashboard – USAID Catalyze

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I4DI gathered, integrated, and tracked data from readily available sources on the impact (and anticipated impact) of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health, real economy, financial markets, and Government policy. The development of this Dashboard was a component of the Engines of Growth (EoG) activity, which falls under USAID’s CATALYZE, a global, $250 Million, 8-year contract offers a facilitated partnership model that will craft solutions to crowd in $2 Billion in blended finance (i.e. blended concessional and commercial finance) to USAID partner countries; it can work in any development sector or region.

This project reflected I4DI’s strategic positioning at the intersection between the monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) and technology innovation. Our team draws on our extensive dashboarding experience, including our own internal COVID-19 dashboards, to aggregate data in an accessible manner to ultimately inform policies and programs that support the economies and the viability of SMEs of the Western Balkans in the coming years.



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