Best Management Practices in the Amazon- USAID/ Peru

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On behalf of USAID/Peru, the Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) undertook a mixed-methods study to examine the conditions under which private industries become voluntary adopters of best management practices (BMPs) in hydropower, oil and gas, large-scale industrial mining, beverages, and road projects. With a particular focus on private industries working in Amazonia, Latin America, and/or areas pertinent to tropical forests, our study examined BMPs applied across various aspects of project development and implementation, including environmental assessments, siting, design, operation, and closure. The findings from this study inform the development of a model that predicts the conditions under which private industries and investors become voluntary adopters.

I4DI’s BMP study consisted of two phases: 1) a systematic literature review and 2) case studies derived predominantly from primary data collection and analysis among a sample of voluntary adopters in the private sector. Once the cases were selected, I4DI’s research team invited a group of respondents to participate in a brief quantitative survey designed to elicit basic information about the decision-making and implementation process for the BMPs. In addition, I4DI conducted 22 key informant interviews with decision-makers and implementers from the business firms as well as with external influencers, to develop detailed case descriptions of the voluntary BMP decision-making process, implementation, and outcomes. This desk study took place from January-July of 2017.


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