I4DI implements comprehensive data collection and analytics training with World Vision in Haiti

I4DI implements comprehensive data collection and analytics training with World Vision in Haiti

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I4DI designs and implements a training for World Vision Haiti (WVH) to strengthen organizational monitoring and evaluation capacity spanning data collection, management, analysis and presentation. In addition to capacity building, I4DI designs the tools for data collection and analytics that will enable WVH to use data-backed decision-making going forward.

The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) is currently working with World Vision Haiti (WVH)  to strengthen monitoring and evaluation capacity through a several-month-long training designed to equip M&E staff with the tools and knowledge to efficiently collect, manage and analyse data and effectively show results.

I4DI has the opportunity to work with the M&E staff at World Vision Haiti to build, from the bottom up, a system for data collection, management and analysis due to the implementation of the new Kore Fanmi Program —a pilot program of the Haitian Government, implemented by the Economic and Social Assistance Fund (FAES)  and established with World Bank financing in partnership with a number of United Nations agencies such as UNICEF. The Kore Fanmi Program seeks to improve the provision of basic services to vulnerable families through regular visits from community social workers.

The Kore Fanmi survey presents an interesting set of components for data collection, analysis and reporting as it entails a census of the community, uses those results to classify families based on their level of vulnerability, and then uses the vulnerability levels to determine how often families are visited and the amount of services they receive. Differing versions of the survey are taken at each visit, and each family is visited at different intervals depending on their determined level of vulnerability and needs.

Existing World Vision survey components will be aligned to, and incorporated into, the Kore Fanmi survey. The aligned survey data will be analysed and reported on together, as well as separately. Through this training, World Vision Haiti will gain both the tools and knowledge to implement the Kore Fanmi survey along with existing WVH surveys, and manage and analyse that data for decision-making.

The training consists of 3 main components:

Survey and survey protocol development:
Training: The I4DI team is working with WVH’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) staff to align the Kore Fanmi survey instrument with other relevant WVH survey instruments to mitigate duplicate data collection and entry. Once the survey instrument is designed, WVH M&E staff will receive a comprehensive two-day in-person training focused on survey development and sampling, including theory of instrument development, survey protocols and review of facilitation and training skills in preparation for WVH M&E staff training of field level staff.
Tools Developed: Aligned survey and survey protocol

Data collection and management:
Training: WVH M&E staff are learning to collect survey data on newly acquired mobile devices, using Open Data Kit, and are trained to pass on that knowledge to the field staff and enumerators. M&E staff learn to secure, store and manage data from multiple field offices.
Tools Developed: User-friendly mobile phone interface for survey collection, including skip logic; data storage system that is compatible with mobile phone interface and integrated with R code for analysis

Data analytics and presentation:
Training: WVH M&E staff are engaging in a month-long web-based training offered through EdX to learn the basics of R Statistical Software (open-source and free to use) and refresh basic statistics skills. Upon completion of this course, the M&E staff participates in two I4DI trainings: 1) an in-person training on descriptive and inferential statistics including cluster analysis, and 2) a practicum applying the skills learned in the first training to survey data. The final part of this component is a daylong training on data presentation to effectively communicate results internally and externally.
Tools Developed: R code for survey data analysis and reporting

I4DI plans to replicate this training to aid other organizations in strengthening their monitoring evaluation capacity and ability to make data-driven decisions to increase the wellbeing of the communities they serve.

For additional information, please contact Manny Sanchez (msanchez@i4di.org).


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