COVID-19 Weekly Watch POLICY EDITION: September 7 – September 14

Since the start of the pandemic, countries around the world enacted response policies with varying degrees of stringency. While Argentina, for example, rapidly instituted a strict lockdown in alignment with the World Health Organization’s recommendations, the autocratic ruler of Belarus denied the mere existence of the virus and never imposed any restrictions at all. As expected, the curve of case counts in both countries are reflective of these policy decisions.

In addition, while some countries have remained relatively steady in their policies, like Sweden, others, like Croatia, have made dramatic fluctuations in their response, inciting confusion and anger from the public. Even more, many Croatians are now becoming concerned about human rights, democratic controls, and constitutional safeguards in the country, in light of government action in response to COVID-19 — action which has been characterized by tumultuous policy-making without clear linkages to evidence and data. Check out the Institute for Development Impact’s COVID-19 Weekly Watch to learn more, as we spotlight COVID-19 in Croatia and global coronavirus response policies

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Additional stats from this week include:

          – To date, 1 in 50 Americans has tested positive for COVID-19.

          – 1 in 34 positive cases have resulted in death in the United States.

          – 194,068 Americans have died from COVID-19.

          – This week, the world reached a new record for daily reported infections, with 307,930.

          – United States currently scores 68.5 on policy stringency based on Oxford University’s government response stringency index.

          – On September 1, the U.S. ranked 55 out of 174 countries with stringency scores, while having the largest epidemic.

          – With an average stringency score of 42, states in the US Midwest region score lower than 125 other countries.

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