Emir Nurkic Kacapor is I4DI’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. In this role, Dr. Nurkic Kacapor is managing most of I4DI back office and is responsible for global operations and human resource management. Prior to founding I4DI, Dr. Nurkic Kacapor spent over 25 years in executive leadership roles in international development organizations in the Balkans, United States, Italy, France, Western Africa, Serbia, Kosovo, and Croatia. Over the course of his career, he founded and developed four successful international NGOs that have sustained their operations and reached self-sufficiency within the first three years of their implementation. During his long and successful career in international development, Dr. Nurkic Kacapor has worked at various international development and United Nations agencies specializing in organizational effectiveness, migration, vulnerability prevention, protection of victims of organized crime and violence. Dr. Nurkic Kacapor holds master degree in human rights and a PhD in international law and international relations.

Michael Buret is I4DI’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, focusing primarily on business development, entrepreneurship, vocational training, youth, gender, economic growth, finance, and administration, and implementation of a wide range of development projects, always with a results-oriented project management style.
Franz Valli is I4DIs Humanitarian Assistance and Development Advisor. Mr. Valli is the President of the World Solidarity Alliance – Franco Betolli, a humanitarian organization based in Italy and is also the ex-President of Emmaus France. Mr. Valli has over 30 years of leadership
Jovana Bulatovic is I4DI’s Evaluation and Research Associate.  She has a strong background in public administration reform, notably in policy coordination, citizens' participation in decision making, and strategic planning. Currently, she is also a Humphrey Fellow at Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Prior to joining I4DI, Ms. Bulatovic worked