Announcing The Evaluation of USAID’s Save Our Seas Initiative

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In a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of ocean plastic pollution, USAID launched the Save Our Seas Initiative (SOS Initiative) in 2022, operationalizing the directives of the Save Our Seas Act 2.0 of 2020. To gauge the impact and effectiveness of the initiative, I4DI has been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting an in-depth evaluation of USAID’s Oceans Plastics portfolio.

The objective of the Evaluation:

The primary focus of this formative performance evaluation is to meticulously analyze the implementation of programs under the SOS Initiative. The gathered evidence aims to provide strategic direction to the Green Cities Division of the Center for Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure (EEI), USAID Mission staff engaged in Oceans Plastics programming, and associated Implementing Partners (IPs). The insights derived are intended to guide critical programming, policy, and resource allocation decisions in the subsequent phases of the initiative.

Methodological Approach:

Adopting a rigorous and systematic approach, the evaluation will utilize:

  • Key informant interviews to capture expert insights.
  • Focus group discussions to collate diverse viewpoints.
  • Observational visits to field sites for an on-ground understanding.

The evaluation’s geographic scope encompasses six countries, with a detailed study of 3-5 cities in each, namely Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and Vietnam.