Ochanya Adah

Ochanya Adah, Technology Design & Program Specialist

Ochanya Adah is a Technology Design & Program Specialist at I4DI. She has a strong background in conducting and leading extensive user and market research and designing human-centered solutions.

She has combined her knowledge of product design and design thinking in the Health, Agriculture, and Information Technology sectors to advance human and economic development leveraging innovation, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills. So far the focus of her work has been through research and innovation, providing data-backed options for decision making for a Tanzanian health start up geared towards improving government health policy making in Tanzania and developing solutions to improve agricultural practices and food security affected by climate change in Nigeria.

Ochanya is a scholar of the Geneza school of design, through the ingressive for good 1000 women in design scholarship program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Ibadan and is an active member of the BMGA fellows program, an initiative that is geared towards women education and empowerment in Africa.


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