Adi Karisik is the Senior Advisor for Global Cybersecurity and Operational Technology at I4DI, boasting over 20 years of specialized experience in IT, enterprise cybersecurity, Operational Technology, and management consulting, particularly in Defense and Intelligence. His tenure has seen him manage key programs in the U.S. and Europe and serve as a strategic leader at Blue Canopy Group. Well-versed in multiple languages, Mr. Karisik has worked in over 80 countries and is known for his expertise in behavioral profiling, cultural analysis, and political-military advising.

At Jacobs, he spearheaded the Operational Technology Services Practice, driving significant growth and innovation. Karisik is also a dedicated educator, teaching at the Naval Postgraduate School and actively engaging in Civil Air Patrol missions. Currently, he leads the OT Cybersecurity division within Jacobs’ Divergent Solutions, shaping the future of cybersecurity solutions globally.

Adi Karisik resides in Washington DC with his family, where he continues to influence the cybersecurity landscape through his role at I4DI and his commitment to operational excellence and strategic development in the cybersecurity domain.

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