I4DI Invites New Talent to Further Strengthen Our Community of Development Experts

I4DI Invites New Talent to Further Strengthen Our Community of Development Experts

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I4DI is not just another consulting firm. Instead, we invest in developing longer-term partnerships with leaders who explore, take calculated risks, and set trends. We’re committed to working and learning collaboratively, generating new knowledge, and ensuring it’s accessible to all. In doing so, our clients’ practice improves, so does ours and we make development efforts more impactful. To bring about disruptive innovations that make positive social and environmental impacts, we need people like you who are committed to further strengthening our community of development experts in our mission to improve development practice.

To demonstrate this commitment, we are regularly on the lookout for new consulting talent to lead and support our projects. If you are a research/evaluation consultant or sector specialist, we invite you to register with our Zen-O consultant portal, and keep a close watch on our website for upcoming recruiting opportunities. We are particularly interested in those with backgrounds in agriculture, digital technology, circular economy, environment, evaluation leads, design thinking, WASH, education, health, gender, monitoring, developmental evaluation, supply chains, knowledge management. etc.

At I4DI we are committed to expanding our expertise across the industry while maintaining a competitive advantage and return on investment for our clients. I4DI strongly believes in the economics of mutuality and has therefore envisaged this consultant portal not only as a tool for our use but for also your active use and benefit.

Most importantly, I4DI’s community enables registered consultants the ability to engage with us and other affiliated consultants within the network to facilitate partnerships, improve practice and enable knowledge sharing. I4DI’s software tools are always designed to bring people together, be it within an environment that is responsive to your needs, those of the wider consulting community, or both.


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