COVID-19 Weekly Watch: Oct 27-Nov 2

COVID-19 Weekly Watch: Oct 27-Nov 2

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Authors: Azra K. Nurkic, Chelsea Raubenheimer

Over the past two weeks, many European countries have seen a return to strict lockdown measures, including countries like the Czech Republic, whose prime minister had previously ruled out another national lockdown. Yet, with coronavirus cases spiking once again, and national health care systems on the brink of collapse, leaders cite lockdowns as the only option. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom grimly reported, “unless we act, we could see deaths in this country running at several thousand a day”.
All eyes were on Slovakia this weekend, as it became one of the first countries to attempt blanket testing of its population. On Saturday and Sunday, over two-thirds of the population lined up for free, voluntary testing, with 99% testing negative, giving them a free pass to break curfew. Mass testing will continue next weekend with the goal to isolate all positive cases in the country. While some voiced skepticism, a vast majority of Slovaks were enthusiastic about the government’s initiative.
Meanwhile in the United States, case numbers continue to rise, with the country reaching its highest daily case count on October 30th. With the much anticipated presidential election on November 3rd, Americans are bracing for what might become a political crisis on top of the ever-worsening public health crisis.

Additional stats from this week include:

99,321 record daily cases in the United States on October 30th

1 in 98 Europeans has now tested positive for COVID-19

Globally, 1.2M deaths from COVID-19 have been reported

• Over the past week, 1 in 96 Belgians have been infected with the virus.

1 in 180 Slovaks has tested positive for COVID-19

• 1% positivity rate in Slovakia over the weekend, as two-thirds of population were tested.

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