Announcing New Partnership with Heifer International

Announcing New Partnership with Heifer International

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The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) is pleased to announce a new project with Heifer International to develop and deploy e-learning materials, specialized technical support, and assistance with the carrying out of program monitoring, evaluation, learning, and other evidence-based decision-making activities.

Heifer International is a global nonprofit and development organization working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values-based holistic community development. Its work cut across 21 countries around the world to strengthen local economies and build secure livelihoods that guarantee a living income to local farmers and their communities.

Developing and deploying technical skills and organizational systems that link learning with business performance to international NGOs like World Vision, Counterpart International, etc is part of I4DI’s experience. We will be leveraging on our MEL expertise which is one of the unique advantages of the firm in providing support and developing e-learning and training materials to Heifer international. 


I4DI’s engagement with Heifer International builds upon our growing portfolio of capacity-building projects.

High-functioning teams who feel equipped and empowered with the technical competencies they need to thrive are the first step to achieving impact at scale. I4DI’s training and coaching services cover the spectrum of Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning topics and can be fully adapted to both in-person and online settings. I4DI’s MEL trainers specialize in expanding the theoretical knowledge and practical skill-sets of organizations looking to build stronger teams. We do this through tailored learning assessments, participatory training planning, content development, and delivery in the form of workshops, online webinars, long-term training programs, etc. Whether you need an hour, a day, or multiple weeks of training, I4DI can adapt our courses, modules, and learning materials to be responsive to your organization’s needs.


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