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The Institute for Development Impact, otherwise known as I4DI, was established in September 2014. We are a woman-owned social enterprise. We reinvest profits into our non-profit arm called Alliance Franco Bettoli-Development Institute (AFB), which operates out of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Balkans, the home region of I4DI’s founders. 

Named after an Italian humanitarian and human rights activist, AFB works to address the physical, emotional, and structural causes of poverty, oppression, and humanitarian emergencies. To date, AFB has conducted over 40 projects ranging from socio-economic studies, humanitarian and relief programs, and long-term development interventions in Eastern Europe, gaining recognition for an approach to international development that is participatory and community-based.

Currently, our work is centered around “Children and Youth at Risk”— girls and boys living in extremely difficult circumstances as a result of war, violence, exploitation, marginalization, and other atrocities. In partnership with I4DI, AFB is developing programs for the psychosocial and educational support of these children, conducting research on interventions to understand their full impact, and working with the government entities to institutionalize successful models. In all that we do, I4DI is grounded in the understanding that our value is determined by the quality of our service to those in most need.

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