Zehra K. Dzihic – Lead Program Effectiveness Expert

Zehra K. Dzihic

Lead Program Effectiveness Expert

With over 22 years of experience in development cooperation, Ms. Dzihic is leading, managing, and supporting international donor-funded strategic, thematic, midterm, final, outcome, and impact evaluations. She is a seasoned professional, well versed in evaluation methodologies and adept at applying differentiated approaches to a diverse portfolio of aid projects. She has considerable experience developing evaluation methodologies and instruments, conducting in-depth desk reviews of program documentation and supervising data collection and analysis while working closely with clients. In the last five years, Ms Dzihic has been involved in a number of strategic evaluations of UN agencies (UNDP, UNICEF, UN RCOs, ILO, UNODC, etc.), bilateral donors (USAID, Sida, SDC, etc.) and EU for country programmes across Europe, Caucausus, Central Asia and Middle East.


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