I4DI assisted World Vision Ghana with Integrated Staff Competency Development

I4DI assisted World Vision Ghana with Integrated Staff Competency Development

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Competency-based capacity building of operational and program staff, investing in process and system improvements and alignment of functions can help organizations rectify common challenges to program effectiveness, maintain accountability, prioritize resources and fix minor issues before they become major ones. I4DI has developed an overarching conceptual framework for integrated staff competency development to help clients with doing just so. Recently, I4DI was able to assist World Vision Ghana (WV Ghana) in applying this framework to increase their capacity in Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME).

I4DI worked with WV Ghana to conduct individual competency assessments for each staff person and organizational level competency assessment and gap analysis.  This was done through carrying out behavior, knowledge and skill assessments for selected staff and focus groups with staff and teams to complete the analysis process. When translated to suit the needs of WV Ghana, the DME competencies were applied to appropriate staff members through competency profiles. Competency profiles specify the competencies that are needed for staff to have optimal performance.  The completed competency profiles were synchronized with each relevant job description to ensure alignment of expectations and successful performance management. I4DI was able to carefully select competencies to attach to each job function to ensure that expectations were well balanced and that the profile did not require too much from one individual. In fact, each job function received between 2-5 competencies to allow for a focused staff capacity building plan, which could easily be integrated in individual professional development.

After determining the competency profiles and selecting the staff that would be included in the capacity building, I4DI guided WV Ghana through facilitating national office report review sessions with various teams of participants. I4DI then compiled a list of training options and recommendations for WV Ghana and prepared face to face workshops based on World Vision Ghana’s priorities identified through process and structure review and competency assessment reflections. I4DI conducted a three day workshop with WV Ghana to develop the final capacity-building strategy. The team then established an M&E Plan and provided follow up support including regular strategy monitoring and semi-annual monitoring and reflection meetings.

It is I4DI’s hope that developing organizational technical competency framework and assessing staff capacity will enable WV Ghana and companies alike to make smart (re)investments in existing human resources, recruit the appropriate talent and manage staff toward success.


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