Urban Development Technology-Enabled Knowledge Products

City Analytics and Decision Support System

Customizing and deploying comprehensive technology solutions that provide city authorities with data-driven insights and decision-making support. The system integrates various data sources, including socioeconomic data, infrastructure data, and environmental data, offering predictive analytics and scenario modeling capabilities. This enables city planners to anticipate future challenges, optimize resource allocation, and make informed, strategic decisions about urban development and climate resilience.

Green Cities Mobile App

To complement our advisory services for sustainable urban development, our Green Cities Mobile App empowers citizens to take an active role in city maintenance and improvement. This tool creates a direct communication channel between citizens and those who can address the issues, fostering a sense of community responsibility and accelerating urban sustainability. The app serves as a tool for reporting environmental issues, promoting sustainable behaviors, and fostering communication between city administrators and residents.

green cities mobile app

Smart Waste Management Systems

We offer comprehensive systems for efficient waste collection, recycling, and waste-to-energy conversion. These systems enhance the capacity of cities to manage waste sustainably and transition towards a circular economy.

Smart Building Management Systems

These systems optimize energy usage, reduce operational costs, and improve the sustainability of urban buildings. They are particularly valuable for cities focusing on energy efficiency and climate change mitigation in their urban development strategies.

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The Institute For Development Impact (I4DI) is a think+do tank dedicated to advancing a data-driven, systems approach to global sustainability. We do this by integrating strategic consulting, applied research, capacity building, and technology innovation to catalyze positive social and environmental impact.

Our Publications.

I4DI believes that transparency and open access to knowledge and insights from our learning  is a strength. No matter what the evidence reveals, we are committed to sharing insights from our engagements for the collective benefit of our industry.