Urban Development Advisory Services

Urban Assessments and Diagnostic Studies

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we offer in-depth urban assessments and diagnostic studies to reveal critical urban challenges and potentials. Our offerings include a full range of social, economic and environmental assessments such as urban heat island analysis, traffic congestion studies, urban poverty mapping, and urban housing needs assessments, all designed to inform future urban planning and policy decisions.

Urban Planning and Strategy Development

We provide comprehensive planning and strategy development services, tailored to each city’s unique characteristics and requirements. We assist cities in improving planning systems and strengthening local capacities. By harnessing technology and diagnostic tools, we enable informed decision-making and strategic investments in urban infrastructure and service delivery. Our focus areas include urban spatial planning, inclusive urbanization strategies, and climate-resilient urban development.

Green Cities Mechanism

Urban Resource Optimization and Efficiency Improvements

To ensure a sustainable urban future, we provide solutions focusing on resource optimization and efficiency improvements. Our services enhance urban waste management systems, promote water and energy efficiency, and drive sustainable urban transportation solutions. We assist cities in reducing resource wastage, improving circular economy and achieving sustainability goals while promoting the wellbeing of their residents.

Urban Policy Design and Regulatory Advisory

Cities need robust policies to navigate the complex challenges of urban development. We offer expertise in designing land use regulations, zoning policies, urban environmental regulations, and urban climate policies. Our advisory services provide the insight and guidance necessary for cities to implement effective policies and regulations.

Urban Capacity Building and Training

Human capital is vital to the successful growth and development of cities. We offer specialized training and capacity building for urban planners, city administrators, urban data analysts, and municipal decision-makers. Our programs focus on enhancing skills and knowledge in urban governance, sustainable urban development, and data-driven decision-making.

Urban Financing Solutions and Partnership Brokering

Navigating the financial landscape can be challenging for cities, especially when it comes to funding urban development projects. We assist cities in structuring urban-specific financing mechanisms like municipal bonds, creating public-private partnerships for urban infrastructure, and accessing international urban development funding. Our expertise in urban finance can help cities secure the necessary resources for their sustainable growth.

Our Publications.

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