Organizational Learning and New Business Development Training in Ghana

Organizational Learning and New Business Development Training in Ghana

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Organizational Learning and New Business Development Training in Ghana

Over the past two years, World Vision Ghana (WV Ghana) and the Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) have been partnering to design and deliver integrated competency-based capacity building of WV Ghana for improved program and organizational effectiveness. To structure this engagement and enable continuous improvement process, I4DI conducted a review of WV Ghana’s structure and processes to develop an integrated staff competency framework, which was used to carry out staff competence assessment. As a result, a two-year capacity building strategy was developed, which included targeted staff training for operational and program staff, as well as the process improvements and structural adjustments to job functions.

Following the application of an overarching integrated staff competency framework, I4DI and University of Ghana organized a series of experiential learning courses and training to increase WV Ghana’s capacity in Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) and program effectiveness. The courses were designed to deliver targeted knowledge and skills and impart critical reflection and systems thinking as a way of addressing a potential threat of active inertia and support WV Ghana in maintaining thought leadership and innovation in international development.

This September, I4DI CEO Dr. Azra K. Nurkic traveled to Accra, Ghana to facilitate a last event in the training series under this plan, which was focused on the intersection between Organizational Learning and New Business Development.  The main purpose of this three-day training was to enable participants to critically reflect on the organizational level Theories of Change and operationalize their learning agenda as a guiding framework for management of their program performance and targeted business development. Utilizing the concepts of Theories of Change and Triple Loop Learning, Dr. Nurkic designed and co-facilitated with Richard Okai, Program Effectiveness Director at WV Ghana, workshop sessions focused on Developing Organizational level Theory of Change, Developing learning frameworks and using it to develop Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Systems and new business development strategies that allow close alignment of these investments with the core mission of the organization and its strategic goals.



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