MERL Technology Enabled Products

Data Visualization and Reporting

Developing interactive dashboards, infographics, and reports within MEL platforms to visually communicate program data, including data from third-party monitoring efforts, and provide insights on contextual factors.

Data Collection Tools

Creating user-friendly data collection tools and mobile applications for efficient and accurate data collection in the field, including capturing context-specific information relevant to monitoring and evaluation processes.

Qualitative Data Collection Processing Tools

I4DI specializes in building digital monitoring tools to help our clients capture and understand data in real-time. These tools are essential in making evidence-based decisions. They can reduce data collection time, improve the accuracy and reliability of incoming information, and save financial resources for other critical phases of the project, such as analysis, adaptive action, and dissemination. As a tech-enabled company, we leverage innovation to improve our research practices and deliver quality products and services to our clients.

Online Learning Products

I4DI has developed a learning platform called Zen-O Learn that combines technology solutions with a MEL curriculum, making our courses accessible to a diverse audience. Zen-O Learn is customized to deliver our content in a user-friendly way and is suitable for adult learners of all levels. We offer both in-person and virtual capacity building programs through Zen-O Learn. The platform has a built-in online collaboration tool, which allows distributed teams to learn together and share their successes.

Results. Evidence. Impact.

The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) is an international sustainability company that offers advisory services that leverage technology to improve how people and organizations make evidence-based decisions that benefit our planet and society. Passionate about the sustainable development of our world, our vision is a planet and society where every living thing has an opportunity to thrive. To bring this vision to life, our diverse team builds partnerships and develops innovative technology systems, services and products to tackle some of the world’s largest challenges. Our people embrace systems thinking and the continuous learning required to provide for the world in which we want to live.