MERL Advisory Services

MEL Platform Services

We specialize in designing and delivering custom Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) service delivery platforms tailored to the specific needs of organizations. Through these platforms we provide long-term support with a focus on collaborative learning and co-designing activities to drive data-driven and evidence-based strategic and programmatic decisions. MEL Platforms enable us to fully understand your organizational structure and culture, enabling nuanced delivery of services ranging from training and capacity-strengthening to advanced analytics and real-time data dashboards, ensuring a comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and learning experience. Your MEL journey is safe with us.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Training Services (METS)

Strategic Planning and Theory of Change

We guide organizations in shaping evidence-based program strategies and refining Theory of Change models. Our facilitation optimizes stakeholder collaboration, incorporating diverse insights, especially from third-party and context monitoring. With bespoke learning agendas and a focus on adaptive management, we leverage external monitoring to enhance program efficiency and continuous learning.

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Monitoring and Evaluation Services

We specialize in Monitoring Framework Development, creating resilient systems to track program progress and outcomes. Our expertise extends to advanced data collection and analysis, ensuring significant insights are derived, even from third-party sources and contextual data. We design systems to measure program results, outcomes, and impacts, considering external data and specific contexts. Furthermore, our thorough evaluations and assessments determine program effectiveness at its core

Empowering Indian women to build community resilience in water-stressed regions; World Water Week Session managed and hosted by I4DI

Knowledge Management and Learning

We excel in Knowledge Asset Mapping, where we assess and harness existing knowledge assets for optimized decision-making and learning. Our prowess includes devising knowledge management strategies that champion sharing, collaboration, and context-aware learning. We cultivate Communities of Practice, fostering knowledge exchange and teamwork. Additionally, we capture and document lessons and best practices, using insights from third-party monitoring and context-specific experiences to bolster future decisions and organizational learning. We also provide expertise in supporting the development of programmatic, strategic, and organizational learning agendas, learning questions as well as designing, delivering, and facilitating large- and small-scale learning events to reinforce a strong culture of learning and evidence-based decision-making.

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Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

We offer specialized workshops and training, encompassing evaluation methodologies, data analysis, M&E system development, and the integration of third-party and context-specific insights into MEL processes. We render bespoke technical support, guiding organizations in evaluation design, data management, and making the most of findings. Furthermore, we champion Organizational Learning by fostering a culture of continual improvement and leveraging third-party monitoring and context insights for enriched decision-making and adaptive learning.

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